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About Relax Sauna

Relax With the Relax Sauna The Relax Sauna is a portable sauna that allows you to enjoy a therapeutic sauna session anytime, anywhere. Its innovative technology makes use of a semi-conductor chip that allows the sauna to emit 4 to 14 microns of FIR Energy, which penetrates the body deeper and enhances the healing process. Compared to conventional saunas that give off only 20 to 60 percent FIR energy, the Relax Sauna produces 95% FIR energy. The far-infrared rays from the sauna penetrate the body tissues deeper, improving circulation and blood flow. While most portable saunas use a metal bar to support the front, the Relax Sauna's metal rods support themselves, avoiding the need for additional support bars. This feature saves time and effort when entering and exiting the sauna. Unlike other portable saunas, the Relax Sauna's metal rods can be easily installed and removed for your convenience. Research has shown that the Relax Sauna is more effective than other saunas in raising the core temperature. The researcher tracked core temperatures with an Apple watch and compared the core temperatures raised by each sauna. He found that the Relax Sauna raised core temperatures faster than other saunas. Consequently, this sauna is the best option for those who want to experience the benefits of a relaxing sauna. The Relax Sauna is seven times more effective than traditional steam and dry heat saunas. Unlike steam saunas, the Relax Sauna promotes productive sweating by targeting the entire body with a narrow band of far infrared energy. This energy heats the body from the inside out and gradually restores the inactive skin's ability to sweat. This rehabilitative effect has many health benefits. It also improves mental clarity and energy levels.